Raw Lobster (Whole/Netted)

Product Description

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Fresh Wild-Caught Lobster that has not undergone any pre-cooking during processing. Cook & Serve.
Raw is the most versatile format; allowing you to create your own signature dish with fresh flash frozen RAW lobster, add your own flavor profile, and entice the senses. Giving you full control of your own dishes.

100% Natural – No Additives – No Chemicals

Glazed Fresh to protect from freezer burn

  • Glazing locks in flavor and freshness.
  • Flash frozen at peak quality.

Packed by weight or piece count at customer request; individually netted.

  • Lobsters weighing 250 – 300g to 400 – 600g
  • Master Shipped  as 4.5 – 5 kg , avg. 10 lb. Box

Product Details

September 20th, 2015
Whole Lobster