We aim to lead our industry with 69 years expertise in Lobster Processing. We are one of the oldest Family owned Lobster Processing businesses in Atlantic Canada with 3rd Generation Roots; located in the Lobster Capital of the World, Shediac NB, Canada.

We process exceptional Cold Water North American Atlantic Lobster, and export to Canadian, US, Asian, European Markets, and are currently expanding into the Live Market.

We offer a diverse line of unique Lobster products & services from Ocean to Customer. Our business has steadily grown; to incorporate an established state-of-the-art 35,000 square foot Seafood Processing facility, Live Holding Facility, and Trucking Division. We challenge ourselves to continually deliver the highest quality fresh caught, Cold Water Lobster products to our customers, and to work with customers to develop new innovative products that fit the emerging markets. We excel in specialty product development to meet your needs, at competitive pricing to meet your budget.

Maintaining the Momentum:

Traditions, Core values, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Passion passed down from previous generations, has been our corner stone to continued success. Each year we take on new challenges with innovations, and modernization plans, and remain ahead of the curve in technology and resources.

We are Industry Leaders in Lobster Processing, adding Value to our local Natural Resource.

We are proud processors and we stand behind our Lobster. We back our product with the experience and reputation gained over 3 generations. We are focused on developing beneficial relationships with our customers, big or small.

We also believe that we can only achieve such expectations with a team of valued employees, suppliers and harvesters / fisherman’s.

We have always taken great pride in recognizing our relationships. Our employees determine the level of our company’s success. “When you inspire employees through responsible managing; you are building a knowledgeable, trained & responsible diverse workforce that cares as much about the products we produce as we do.”

Mission Statement

To excel in providing our customers the highest quality Cold Water Fresh / Frozen Lobster products. To span all current and newly embarked markets and build strong customer relationships, working together in business. To continue searching for culinary edges through technology, experience, knowledge & perseverance. To always remain conscious of our impact on the local community & the environment. To promote Brand recognition in new markets. To utilize our natural resource responsibly. To remain true to our roots- working closely with our harvesters/fishermen & community to bring you premium quality Lobster products.



  • We will continually work to maintain strong community ties, with residents and local businesses. We will remain conscious of our impact on the local community & the environment.
  • We will keep focus on providing work for Canadians in our rural community. We will ensure a safe, welcoming & supportive work environment for our employees. We will practice high ethical standards and promote stability within our organization.
  • We will willingly partner with agencies to ensure government regulations, certifications are met & exceeded.
  • We will continually work to produce the highest quality fresh / frozen Seafood products for our customers, and remain focused on achieving customer demand and customer satisfaction. We give our Commitment to Excellence.
  • We will work towards measures for traceability and responsible sustainable fishery.
  • We will remain in continual pursuit of new Growth Opportunities; constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of clients and the industry. Focus on improved profitability.

We are committed to providing our customers professional service.