Seafood Expo North America (2017)

Great attendance at this year’s Seafood Expo North America (SENA).

Town of Shediac Business Award

Town of Shediac Business Award

2016 Town of Shediac Business Award

The Shediac Lobster Shop owes its origins to Ernest and Geneva Maillet, who opened up a small canteen for selling lobster to tourists in the 50’s. This small business was transformed into a company that now employs more than 250 people. Under a three-generation leadership, this business has earned an enviable reputation world-wide. (Hand drawn by Monette Léger)


Shediac Lobster Festival – Proud Partner

Shediac Lobster Festival – Proud Partner

Shediac Lobster Shop is a proud partner of the Shediac Lobster Festival

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The Good Ol’ Days – 3D Mural

The Good Ol’ Days – 3D Mural

In 1952, Mr. Ernest Maillet opened a small canteen on Shediac’s Main Street. During the summer months, he started selling lobster to tourists and his small business soon bloomed, leading to the creation of the Shediac Lobster Shop in 1968.

The 3D mural “THE GOOD OL’ DAYS” captures the life on wharfs in the South-East region of the province during the ‘50s and celebrates the lobster factory owned by the Maillet family. To this day, the factory is flourishing and is situated near the former Pellerin wharf, now gone, on the Scoudouc River.





Shediac Lobster Festival – 2015

Shediac Lobster Festival – 2015

Shediac Lobster Shop is proud to be a “major sponsor” in supporting the festival by providing and cooking Atlantic Lobster!

The Longest Lobster Roll
As part of its 66th edition in July 2015, the Lobster Festival, in collaboration with the Greater Shediac Chamber of Commerce, set a world record by producing the longest lobster roll in the world. Measuring 85 feet and 6 inches, this lobster roll was enjoyed by more than 200 people who paid to eat a portion. In 2016, the Festival is intent on repeating this record and having it find its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Lobster Eating Contest
The highlight of the Lobster Festival is surely the Lobster Eating Contest. Every night we choose volunteers from the crowd to eat 3 Lobsters with their bare hands in the least time possible. Why not come & try your luck!!

Longest Lobster Supper on Main Street

The Longest Lobster Dinner
How does sharing a delightful lobster dinner with 999 other people sound? This is what the Lobster Festival is offering as part of its longest lobster dinner table event. Over 1,000 people will eat 1,000 lobsters off a table measuring 1,000 feet long. Will you join us at the table this year?