HPP Lobster Tails (Raw)

Product Description

SLS_Raw_Lobster_Tails_in_box_WEB SLS_Master_WEB13_Layer_Pallet

Box Dimensions:

(L) 15.75″x (W) 12.25″ x (H) 5.5″

Pallet Configuration:

Ti x Hi = 10 x 13

Fresh Raw Tails are deveined, cleaned and placed in a COLD high pressure chamber, which offers:

  • A quick, clean, 100%  release of lobster meat from the shell
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Remaining RAW for future flavor infusions
  • Improved texture and unparalled presentation

Glazed – Fresh Raw Tails are dipped in water to create a THIN layer of ice to protect your product from freezer burn.

  • Brined and/or nitrogen frozen.
  • Flash Frozen at peak quality to ensure ultimate freshness.

Master Packed in 4.5 kg, 10 lbs. Box

Sizes may be modified


Product Details

September 18th, 2015
HPP Lobster & Meat, Lobster Tails